Online Services – Covid 19

January 17, 2023

Dear Client:

At this time, masks are not mandated in our office. We are asking all clients in advance of attending the office to self asses for any Covid – 19 symptoms, prior to entering the office.

August 24, 2021

Dear Client

Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, and to comply with the regulations set out by the BC Government, Glasskey is reinstituting our mask policy as of August 25, 2021. We are asking all clients that attend our office to wear a mask and we are still asking that in advance of coming into the office you self assess for any Covid-19 Symptoms.

If you have any concerns or questions about our mask policy, please let us know.

Again, we are grateful for your patience while we all navigate this ongoing pandemic.

Say Happy, Stay Healthy

July 15, 2021

Dear Client

Now that BC is in Step 3 of the restart plan, we are able to relax some of our restrictions. Starting July 30, it’s optional if clients wish to wear a mask in the office. At this point, our staff will be fully vaccinated.

While we are still encouraging physical distancing, please note our lobby is no longer space limited. We encourage you to exercise judgement as to capacity prior to entering the lobby area

We are still requesting that in advance to coming into the office, you self assess for the following questions:

  1. Do you have any cold or flu like symptoms (runny nose, respiratory problems, headaches, aches or pains, fever) at all?
  2. Have you been in contact with anyone who has symptoms as described above in the last 14 days?
  3. Have you travelled or been outside the country in the last 14 days?
  4. Have you lost your sense of smell and/or taste?

If you do have any of the above, we kindly request that you delay your visit to our office and contact us via phone or email for assistance.

We sincerely thank all of our clients for their patience and understanding during the pandemic and we are excited to welcome everyone back into the office.

March 29, 2021

Dear Client

Due to restrictions put into place by the BC Government on March 29 2021, we are instituting some new guidelines and procedures in the office to be compliant with the new public health orders.

While our door will be unlocked, in order to be compliant, we must limit our in-person appointments for review of your income tax return or busines filings. Once your income tax preparation or filing is complete, we will upload it to our secured web sever and will contact you to let you know the password.

Any documents that require a signature will be sent to you via electronic docusign. This process is very similar to the changes that were put in during the 2020 tax season.

We encourage you to drop off your documents in office for processing, if you are uncomfortable coming into the office, we will make available to you a secured web server to upload your information. For access, please email us at or phone us at 250-434-5083.

Please note that we have a very small lobby and can only accommodate 1 person or family grouping at a time, due to the confidential nature of your work. If you attend our office and see someone at the front desk, we kindly ask you to wait outside until the previous client leaves.

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can provide you with our best customer service in these trying times.

We thank you for your understanding and continued patronage of Glasskey Accounting & Associates Ltd. We look forward to meeting with you in person again soon.

Stay happy, Stay healthy

May 15, 2020

Physical Document Drop off Protocols

Dear Client,

We are happy to announce our doors are now open for entry into the business as we implement re-start procedures in compliance with Health Authority guidelines.

As we continue with an appropriate process for distancing rules and at the same time maintaining our personable components we are known for. We request that you call in advance to set up an appointment to come into the office.

As our entry area is limited in size we are only able to host one party/family at a time. Therefore to avoid waiting times outside of the premises we request that you call ahead.

We have introduced a protection screen in our reception in accordance with guidelines and an entry gate to enable distancing implementation.

We thank you for your understanding and patience in these unprecendeted pandemic times as we implement these changes designed to protect you and our staff.

Prior to coming to the office we request that you self-evaluate for the following questions:

  1. Do you have any cold or flu like symptoms (runny nose, respiratory problems, headaches, aches or pains, fever) at all?
  2. Have you been in contact with anyone who has symptoms as described above in the last 14 days?
  3. Have you travelled or been outside the country in the last 14 days?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we kindly request that you refrain from coming into the office and contact us via telephone for assistance.

With the advent of technology we can provide you all the personable services that we are known for electronically via webconferencing, electronic document drop box and for large document drop off.

We can schedule a drop off date with procedures or have a pick up arranged.

Thank you again for your patience as we look forward to assisting you with your needs continually.

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy,


March 23, 2020

Physical Document Drop Off Protocols

Dear Client,

We have struggled with an appropriate process in order to meet the Health Authority distancing rules while maintaning the personable components that our business is known for and we strive to provide.

We request your understanding and patience, in order to follow Health Authority mandates, our office doors are locked to prevent larger crowds from entering the premise.

Due to the size of our reception area it has become increasingly clear that we are unable at all times to maintain the distance requirements as set out by the Health Authority.

Therefore we kindly request that when you arrive you please knock on the door, we will open the door and place a box at the entrance of the office and we are requesting clients place their documents into the box. We will step away from the door to allow for the distance requirements, once the drop off is completed we will close the door once again.

If you have any questions, we will contact you immediately via phone to address any concerns or matters to be attentive to.

For the safety of our staff and clients we encourage you to upload your information to our secure server box, please email us at for a link.

Once your information has been processed we will secure encode email you the relevant material for review prior to filings, in addition any documentation which needs your signature will be addressed through electronic docusign.

We deeply apologize for the non personal component of these protocols, unfortunately necessary for the safety of our clients and staff as required by the Health Authority.

Kindly ensure that you bring your documents sooner rather than later to avoid dealys in refund times and long processing ques.

Thank you again.

Stay positive, Stay healthy

March 20, 2020

Drop-Off Only: Business and Personal Taxes/Filings can only be dropped off at offices as of Friday March 20th

Dear Valued Client,

We made the decision to move to a secure, Drop-Off model effective Friday, March 20.

This action has been taken in support of the safety of our clients and staff by enforcing social distancing in our offices as recommended by the Health Authority.

If you typically meet with one of our accounting / tax representatives in advance of preparion of your tax returns and CRA business filings, now you will simply drop off your documents in our office and our accounting / tax professionals will prepare your returns and filings.

We will call you with any questions in order to complete your return and or filings. Please note that you can upload your documents to our secure web server service, please email us at for an upload link.

Once your tax return and or business filings are completed we will secure electronic deliver your documents and authorizations for electronic signature. If you require a meeting we will be available via web conferencing. (Please contact us for details)

We are doing our best to minimize any disruption while protecting your safety which remains a priority for us.

As this situation changes day-by-day, hour-by-hour, we will continue to evaluate how we can best help people get their refund, while we try to keep everyone safe.

Stay positive, Stay Healthy

March 16, 2020

Dear valued customers,

Our team is closely following COVID-19 guidelines as per the World Health Organization (WHO),the local and national authorities, we at Glasskey Accounting and Associates Ltd are taking important steps in order to keep our clients and employees safe and reduce potential opportunities for exposure and spread of this virus. Our number one priority will always be the health and safety of you, our clients and our own people. We would like to share with you a few precautionary measures we have been practicing in our daily business operations:

Sanitised facilities: We ensure to have highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene at our business facility. We have further introduced disinfection processes and rigorous sanitation process at are workstations. Additionally, all our employees are now mandated to sanitize their hands before and after every interaction.

Contactless Business services: As we are committed serve you better and for your convenience we have introduced online services via video conferencing directly through your mobile devices and encoded electronic document delivery, and secure document upload.

Therefore we can continue to have our meetings electronically and help you with your business needs and services, please contact us for more details.

In addition to this, if you wish you can also e-mail your documentation to us in order to minimize the interactions.

Voluntary services: If you wish, we can also make an arrangements for one of our staff to pick-up your documentation. Please contact us for more details.

We are constantly monitoring the situation as it unfolds and will keep you updated as we receive more information. We are attaching an Organizational Resilience Questionnaire for our customers who carry business operations.

We would like to thank you for your co-operation and want to assure you that you are in safe hands.

Stay positive, Stay healthy.

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